Business Support Grant

How to Grow Your Métis Owned Business

Did you know there are other upsides to taking out a loan with the Clarence Campeau Development Fund in addition to the loans being interest-free?

We are committed to seeing Métis entrepreneurs succeed once they get their business up-and-running or complete a new expansion.  One of the ways we do this is by providing funding for business support to all our clients that have a loan with us.

Under the Business Support Program, we can pay 100% of the costs of any business support your business may need.  The program aims to provide professional support to existing clients to help improve their opportunity for success.

Many clients are unaware this program is available to them! Here are two situations of how Métis entrepreneurs can access the Business Support grant to help grow their business.

Determining Growth Strategy

There are lots of times entrepreneurs will come to us for a start-up loan, their business starts to grow, and they come back to us for an expansion loan. Sometimes, the entrepreneurs we work with see their business is getting to a place where it needs to expand, but there are a lot of options out there and a lot of questions.

  • Does it make sense for my company to purchase equipment now or in the future?
  • Do I need to buy a bigger building for my business?
  • Should I enter a new market or offer new products or services?
  • Should I purchase a building for my business or continue to rent?
  • Does it make sense to expand all at once, or should I have different phases for my expansion?

Our Business Development Specialists are a great place to turn to when you have these questions.  When you know your business needs to grow, but you’re not sure what’s the best way to grow, a Business Development Specialist can help you identify what financing you need for your expansion, or if the Business Support grant should be the first step in your growth strategy.

Through Business Support, we can bring in a consultant to work with you to develop a growth strategy.  This way, you can answer those questions you have and develop a plan for how your business can grow most effectively.  Entrepreneurs know when it’s time for their business to grow – a consultant can help to figure out the best way to grow.

Sales Increasing, Profitability Remains the Same

Growth is a great thing for small businesses. But, sometimes our entrepreneurs notice that their sales are increasing every year – they are getting busier and busier – but the profitability of their company stays the same year-over-year.  When this happens, our entrepreneurs are working harder and harder every year to grow their revenues but don’t get the benefit of paying themselves more for their hard work.

This is an excellent opportunity to access the Business Support grant.  We can pay 100% of the costs of having a consultant come in and analyze the business to figure out why profitability isn’t increasing as the company’s sales increase.

We have had clients access Business Support for this reason in the past, and consultants have found all kinds of reasons why this happens.  Sometimes our Métis clients learn that they are offering products or services that are losing them money. 

It’s hard to see these things when business is busy and you have deadlines to meet.  That’s why we offer this Business Support grant – it’s the second set of eyes for you and your business.

We want to see Métis business grow, and we want to see Métis entrepreneurs benefit from that growth.  The Business Support grant can help our entrepreneurs do just that.

If you have any questions about the Business Support grant, or any of our other Loans and Grants for Métis Entrepreneurs you can write your questions below and a Business Development Specialist will reach out to you.

Let’s get started!

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