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Businesses rely upon solid financial planning techniques in order to maximize cash flows and monitor and manage expenditures. Financial matters do not come naturally to many business owners. This course helps business owners and their management teams to learn and understand the overall process for budgeting, including basic budgeting guidelines and how to ensure roles and responsibilities encompass this important area. In this session we will cover:

  • forecasting or planning revenue and expenses of a program or for an organization as a whole,
  • planning activities for the next fiscal year,
  • allowing an organization to allocate overall resources,
  • securing funding, and
  • planning for future cash flow needs.

Meet Your Facilitator — Annette Bester is a partner in MNP’s Saskatoon office. Partnering and working with companies in all stages of their business cycle for almost 19 years, Annette helps to support and strengthen their leadership. Over her career Annette has worked with a number of businesses with a focus to helping clients understand not just their historical financial information but what the information is telling them from a forward-looking perspective.