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As a business owner, you wear a lot of hats and take on responsibility for all aspects of your business. It is important that you are just as knowledgeable about potential fraud as you are about your profit margins and marketing strategy, however we don’t always think about fraud until it happens to us.

While unnerving and stress-inducing, Fraud doesn’t have to be a topic to avoid – it is far better to be protected and aware than compromised!

During the session, we will give you information and insights about how to protect yourself from fraud, an overview of common fraud schemes that target businesses and business owners, as well as answer questions that you may be curious about. The discussion will be led by Leanne Bradford, Business Account Manager at RBC, along with Louise Backman, Senior Manager Business Operations at RBC.

Add some simple tools to your Business Owner toolbox to give you confidence to identify potential fraud before it happens. Register for free today!

Presented By: Leanne Bradford, Business Account Manager, RBC