Métis Community Capacity Strategy

The Clarence Campeau Development Fund started a new five-year pilot project beginning January 1st, 2017, called the Métis Community Capacity Strategy (MCCS). The MCCS is the first-ever Métis community specific business and economic development capacity building strategy.

The MCCS will be operated as a five-year pilot project that will work with nine Saskatchewan Métis Communities to identify business opportunities and build the capacity required to ensure that the communities are able to capitalize on business opportunities, generate wealth for the community, and provide employment opportunities for Métis people.

The nine communities participating in the MCCS include:

  • The Northern Village of Beauval
  • Buffalo Narrows Economic Corporation
  • Central Urban Métis Federation Inc. (Saskatoon)
  • The Northern Village of Green Lake
  • CASH Métis Economic Development Corporation (Carrot River, Archerwill, Sturgis, Hudson Bay)
  • Kineepik Métis Local (Pinehouse)
  • The Northern Village of La Loche
  • Prince Albert Métis Women Association
  • Sakitawak Development Corporation (Ile a la Crosse).

The MCCS is a division of the CCDF, which is funded by the Province of Saskatchewan and is recognized as the leading Metis Financial Institution in Canada. The objective of the Fund is to stimulate the economic development activities of Métis people and Métis Communities. Since the fund’s inception in 1997, its investments have resulted in over $935 million in economic and socioeconomic benefits for Saskatchewan’s economy.