Application Forms

Looking for applications? Below you’ll find what you need to get started with the Clarence Campeau Development Fund.

Métis Emergency Stabilization Program Application (COVID-19)

This program is designed as an emergency measure to support small business owners in meeting their immediate operating cash flow needs. Please note: both the Application and Cash Flow Statement will need to be completed.

Project Application

This document allows us to begin working on your project, and helps us understand your opportunity.

Personal Financial Statement

This document must be filled out by each business owner.  It provides the necessary information to evaluate eligibility. 

For Existing Clients: Management Skills & Business Support Application

As an existing client, you are eligible for programs that can help you manage and improve your operations. These applications are below.

How to Apply 

  1. Download the fillable PDF forms and fill out the required information.
  2. Once you are finished, save the form for your records.
  3. When ready to apply, submit your completed application to

Do you have questions?

Fill out the form and one of our Business Development Specialists will get in touch.

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