Business Development Program

An interest-free loan designed to help leverage funding from other institutions.

This program is intended to assist Métis entrepreneurs by providing equity through a repayable interest-free loan contribution enhancing the applicant’s ability to leverage financing from other institutions and agencies.

Under this program, CCDF can provide interest-free financial assistance of up to the lessor of $300,000 per project or 50% of project costs excluding pre-operating costs, working capital, and goodwill as identified in the program costs.

The purpose of this program is:

  1. To establish a new business
  2. To purchase an existing business
  3. To expand and renovate an existing business
  • Contribution Agreement
  • Mortgage
  • Businesses funded under this program must demonstrate viability through a sound business plan.
  • Applicants must contribute a minimum of 5% equity to the project.
  • Equity may be in the form of cash, machinery, equipment, real estate or other unencumbered assets. Assets must be valued at fair market value by an independent appraiser.
  • A 1% administration fee will be applied to all Business Development Equity Contributions.
  • Applicant(s) must be of Métis Ancestry operating a business in Saskatchewan.
  • Repayment contribution is an interest-free loan and term up to a maximum of 10 years.

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