Youth Business Development Program

Designed to help Métis Youth get into businesses less than $25,000

This program is intended to assist Saskatchewan Métis Youth ages 18 to 39 with the desire to become entrepreneurs, overcome barriers and enhance their ability to leverage financing and support services from other financial institutions and agencies.

Under this program CCDF can provide an interest free loan of up to 65% of project costs to a maximum of $12,000. Total project costs cannot exceed $30,000 excluding working capital.

The purpose of this program is:

  1. To establish a new business
  2. To purchase an existing business
  3. To expand and renovate an existing business
  • Contribution Agreement
  • Businesses funded under this program must be for-profit and demonstrate viability through a sound business plan.
  • Applicants must contribute a minimum of 5% equity to the project.
  • No administration fees.
  • The business must be 100% owned by a Saskatchewan Métis youth.
  • Maximum contribution of $12,000.
  • The contribution will be an interest-free loan.
  • After 24 months of satisfactory repayment of principal, the client will have the option to repay 75% of the remaining contribution with 25% being forgiven in the form of a grant.
  • Repayment term up to a maximum of five years.

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